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Usually I go to SC Kamelija to:

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Shopping Centre Kamelija

Shopping Centre KAMELIJA is a new reason for having a good time in Kotor. Its location in the centre of Kotor and well-developed transportation infrastructure make the Shopping Centre Kamelija easily accessible.

Ancient surroundings, Basilica of St. Triphon, ramparts from the XI century, church of St. Lucas with two altars (both orthodox and catholic) – rich historic heritage which makes Kotor an attractive destination for a large number of tourists every year, including a growing number of large and luxury yachts, cruise ships of the most renowned companies, as well as the presence of VIP guests, globally known and renowned celebrities from show-business, whose shopping and relaxation needs will be entirely satisfied by the Shopping Centre Kamelija.

Shopping centre KAMELIJA is a new life beat of a town which lives 365 days a year.

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PROBAJ DOMAĆE / SAJAM ZDRAVE HRANE (19.11.2021 OD 10:00-22:00H)

Ukoliko volite zdravu hranu, posetite nas u petak 19. Novambra od 10:00- 22:00h na Sajmu Zdrave hrane u SC Kamelija! Spremite...
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KAMELIJA QUIZ RIDDLER (15.11.2021. od 18:30h)

CAFFE SOLEIL / SVIRKA PETAR&ĐURĐA (11.11.2021. od 19:00h)

Čekamo vas 11. novembra na najboljoj svirci u gradu! Od 19:00h vas očekuju Petar & Đurđa u caffe Soleil....
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Supermarket Aroma 07-23h

Apoteka Medicor 07-22h

Caffe Soleil 07-23h

Caffe pizzerja Sapori 08-23h

Hipotekarna Banka 08-16h

CKB Banka 08-16h

Cosmetics market 08-22h

Butici i pulevi 09-22h

Zabavni park ZumZum
monday-tuesday 14-21h, wednesday-sunday 10-21h

Teretana ZEN 10-18h

Frizerski salon Sunflower 09-22h


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