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Usually I go to SC Kamelija to:

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KOTORSKA PASTA (29.11.2019. from 7:00pm)

Shopping Centar Kamelija & Mijesna zajednica Kotor 29th November are going to organise "Kotorska pasta" from 7:00pm in caffe pizzeria Sapori. Krempite - made by traditional recipes gastronomic culture of our city, will be served to all visitors. It will be also workshop how to made kotorska pasta, quiz and interesting stories. Musical band Acoustic duo Innuedo will made a great atmosphere.




On saturday 23th of November at 06:00pm, Shopping Center Kamelia organizes event ,,Palačinkarenje" at first floor with Zarko Frog.

* Many suprises aweits for you:
* Kids show (Žarko Stanišić & Davor Dragojević)
* Discount in Caffe Pizzeria Sapori (20% discount for pizza + drink)

and many surprises ...



ogrebi-CG--post-objava- konacno

Imamo sjajno iznenađenje za vas! Startovala je dugo očekivana akcija “Ogrebi i osvoji popust” koja vam omogućava da uz svaku kupovinu u prodavnicama Fashion&Friends osvojite popust od 20% do 40% na kolekciju jesen/zima 2019. Popust koji ste osvojili na kuponu obračunava se na kasi. Popust važi i za artikle koji su već na međusezonskom popustu. Očekujemo vas u našim radnjama.


JESENJI SAJAM RUKOTVORINA (18.-19.11.2019. from 9:00am-10:00pm)


Shopping Center Kamelija 18. and 19. November organizes the "Jesenji sajam rukotvorina". The fair will be held in the shopping center from 9:00am to 10:00pm. The fair will feature over 20 exhibitors from all over Montenegro. On fair will be presented unique and handmade jewelry, various ornaments and objects.


MEDITERANSKA KUŽINA (15.11.2019. od 9:00am-10:00pm)

m kuzina_15112019

 Shopping Center Kamelia organizes the event “MEDITERANSKA KUŽINA”. Join us on Friday November 15th, there are many surprises in store.

*9:00am-10:00pm / Olive Fair, Olive oil and Olive products

*07:00pm / Presentation and tasting of Oliva oil.

All visitors who been that day in Caffe Pizzera Sapori can taste sweet and salty delicious food prepared on olive oil. The tasting and presentation of the rich dining table will be complemented by the musical performance of Škuribanda. Welcome.


PORODICA I DIJABETES ( 14.11.2019. from 6:00h )

dijabetes fb_112019

Shopping Center Kamelija and medical team from Kotor organize "Family and Diabetes" on Thursday 14nd of November, from 6:00pm on the first floor SC Kamelija. The doctoral team will measure blood pressure and sugar in the blood. They will introduce everyone interested in healthy eating rules.


CAFFE PIZZERIA SAPORI pizza+piće 20% popust (13.11.2019. from 7:00pm)

sapori pizza_i_pice_nov_19

On Wednesday 13nd of November from 7:00pm on the first floor SC in caffe pizzeria Sapori everyone presents will be able to enjoy the musical performance Accoustic duo Innuedo as well as 20 % discount on pizzas and drinks. Welcome.


November in Kamelija



DAJ KRV SPASI ŽIVOT (02.11.2019. 8:00am-1:00pm)

krv 2019

Shopping Center Kamelija, Ltd. "Školjke Boke" Kotor in cooperation with the Institute for Blood Transfusion are organizing the 31st action of voluntary giving blood on the 2nd of November "GIVE BLOOD TO SAVE A LIFE".

This will take place on the second floor of SC Kamelia, and all volunteer donors will be able to join in the action and donate blood from 8:00am to 1:00pm. Because a drop means a life.


NOĆ VJEŠTICA (31.10.2019.)

SC Kamelija on Thursday 31nd of October, organizes Halloween. From 07:00pm in the cafe pizzeria Sapori Witches will prepare food for the bravest. Everyone will be able to enjoy the dance performance of INFINITY DANCE and the studio ALISA. The tasting and presentation of the rich dining table will be complemented by the musical performance of Accoustic Duo Innuedno.

ZUM ZUM Amusement Park, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm, is organizing for the youngest visitors of the HELLOWEEN PARTY. Expecting you: a party under the masks, a competition, a party, valuable prizes and many more surprises. Welcome.


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