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Usually I go to SC Kamelija to:

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Breakfast in Kamelija

Sunday, 26.09.2010 year, from 09:00 till 13:00h – Breakfast in Kamelija


Special guest: Kaja Milačić

Special and unique offers in bars and restaurants!

Additional discounts on shopping








Performance of “Alisa” dance group from Kotor


For a successful beginning of the school year, for all the first-grade pupils and for all other pupils, Shopping Centre Kamelija has organized a dance show performed by “Alisa” dance group from Kotor that delighted all the present visitors. After the group finished the show, the  party moved on at the square in front of SC Kamelija, where the little ones were singing and dancing  with Šanta Panta.

Photos taken at this event can be seen in the Gallery.


Urban Shoe - Opening



On  Saturday, 11 September, on the first floor of the Shopping Centre Kamelija, there will be opened a new Boutique named URBAN SHOE.

A wide range of footwear at very reasonable prices is waiting for you.



Wedding in the Shopping Centre Kamelija

D3V_3422As organized by My Day and Shopping Centre Kamelija, on Sunday 05.09.2010 year, at 11:30h, in the gorgeous ambience of the Shopping Centre Kamelija, Nikoleta Punošević and Aleksandar Milovanović got married. It was the first time that in this region such a glamorous event took place in such an ambience. On that day, the Centre was specially decorated, the bride came in a white limousine, and she was followed by the tones of the Wedding Marsh while she was entering the Centre and climbing up the stairs.

Photos taken at this event can be seen in the Gallery.


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Great Discounts in SuperSuperStore


Great Discounts in SuperSuperStore



School in Kamelija (Camellia) Colours

“School in Kamelija (Camellia) Colours” is one more reason for having a good time in the Shopping Centre Kamelija. We have prepared additional discounts, presents and surprises for all the pupils, students and kids starting with kindergartens. All you need to do is to bring Report-book, Certificate or Entry-book. We are waiting for you!


Events at the Plateau in front of the Shopping Centre Kamelija


Last night (09.08.2010 year), at the plateau in front of the Shopping Centre Kamelija Polish dance groups “Nowinka” and “Megadance” had their performance together with artistic group from Montenegro “Dora Škapul” from Kotor, which sang its two songs.

Photos taken at this event can be seen in the Gallery.

Great Seasonal Discount

Shopping Centre Kamelija – GREAT SEASONAL DISCOUNT




Marko Lukovac’s Paintings Exhibition

Paintings exhibition named “The Tree of Life” – canvas oil painting / Marko Lukovac

Photos taken at this event can be seen in the Gallery.



Casting for New Faces of the “Women” Fashion Agency


Yesterday, in the café-pizzeria Sapori, within the Shopping Centre Kamelija, there was a casting for new faces of the “Women” model agency, whose exclusive representatives are International Scouting Office, an agency from Belgrade, in cooperation with Serbian Models Association. This entire event was run by Jelena Ivanović, our once very successful model, who is also in charge of scouting, and she is also the Manager of new faces for the “Women” agency. The right to participate in this event had all the girls, aged from 14 to 21, from 172cm to 182 cm high, as well as all boys aged from 16 to 26, 182cm to 196cm high. There was a great number of people who attended this event, but only a few will ever get a chance to be the “face on the cover”.

Photos taken at this event can be seen in the Gallery.


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