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Usually I go to SC Kamelija to:


Comments about us


Isidora Bjelica, “Oriental Tea House”


I would like top brands to come, not too many of which there are in the Balkans, unfortunately. As for other things, I would like it to have a tea-house where you can find sections for English, Japanese and Oriental tea. I would also like massage-chairs, the ones you can see at fancy airports, to relax after shopping, then, coffee aromatherapy, flower-shop, bookshops…


Antonio Petrović: Fitness & Wellness


I love Shopping Centres. You can find everything you need in one place: shopping, relaxation with family and friends, over a cup of coffee. Until now, Kotor was missing it. I expect boutiques assorted with high-quality men’s clothing and accessories. In addition to shops, café bars and playroom for children, it would be great to have fitness and wellness centre so as to make the offer complete.


Dr Vjera Janković: Intimate Coffee Place


I am least not interested in shopping within a shopping centre. The thing that makes me joyful is a warm and private place for a cup of coffee and a chat with my friend, so I would like it to be just a bit more intimate. After that it would be nice to go shopping, to a hairdresser’s fitness centre. All according to one’s age: and as for me, it means conversation, gathering and maybe cinema. It is so good to forget for a while about everyday obligations.


Darko Ivanović: Bowling Alley


I will tell you about my wishes straight away…classic American bowling alley, cinema and sports - ski equipment. I would like it to have exclusively men’s shop since almost all boutiques sell it together with women’s clothing. I would also like it to have a boutique selling the Bandari collection.


Božo Bulatović: Musical Instruments Shop


The town of Kotor, which I love for numerous reasons, got its representative facility, which will certainly give me even more reasons to visit it more often. During my visits to Kotor I wish to spend a lot of time in Kamelija, which I know will be the case, because the planned contents sound extremely promising. I would like Kamelija to have children’s playroom and let’s say, musical instruments shop.


Andrijana Božović: Universal Salon


Except for boutiques, supermarkets as well as other specialized shops, on the last floor where there should be a restaurant, café bar and children’s playroom, it would bi interesting to have one, universal, beauty centre (hairdresser, professional make up artists, massage, manicure…) for all those ladies who would wish something like that, as well as Internet café! I believe that such a Shopping Centre would have all it needs.


Vjekoslav Pasković: Sports Clothes


In a sportsman’s point of view, I would like to be able to buy at one place, cloths and footwear for sport and recreation. Also, I would love certain shops to be supplied with high-quality casual cloths.


Nina Žižić: Live Music


Of course, except for boutiques, the thing I would like your shopping centre to have is cinema and a place for delicately noticeable live music performances, which would make shopping more pleasant. Those performances could be performed by vocal soloists or instrumental performers. Also it would be great to have wellness centre to relax after good shopping.


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RODJENDANSKI FASHION SHOW (14.04.2018.-7:00pm)

SC Kamelija, on Saturday 14th April starting at 7: 00pm celebrates 8th birthday....
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U SUSRET RODJENDANU (13.04.2018. from 7:00pm)

SC Kamelija and NVO Ke Nova on Friday, 13th April starting at 7: 00pm organize...
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Uskrsnja trpeza (03.04.2018. from 7:00pm)

SC Kamelija, at Thursday. 03.04.2018. is going to organize "Uskrsnja trpeza" from 7:00pm. at caffe pizzeria Sapori. Read more
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Shopping Center Kamelija - every day from 09.00 - 22.00

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ZUM ZUM children’s playroom - from 09.00 -21.00

Cafes and restaurants - from 09.00 -23.00  / Cafe bar Soleil from 07.00 - 23.00

Gym "Zen" - from 09.00 -22.00 on Sundays from 14.00 - 22.00

Hipotekarna Bank - Mon.-Fri.: from 08.00 -16.00 Saturdays from 08.00 -13.00

Societe Generale Montenegro - from 08 - 15:00 Saturday from 08:00 - 12:30

Supermarket Maxi Exclusive - from 07.00 - 23.00

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