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Usually I go to SC Kamelija to:


RODJENDANSKI FASHION SHOW (14.04.2018.-7:00pm)

SC Kamelija, on Saturday 14th April starting at 7: 00pm celebrates 8th birthday. For all visitors we have prepared a special birthday discounts, gifts, surprises, fashion show famous brands Collection spring / summer 2018. The entertainment program will complete Giselle trio band and many sweet surprises. Welcome to our birthday.


U SUSRET RODJENDANU (13.04.2018. from 7:00pm)

SC Kamelija and NVO Ke Nova on Friday, 13th April starting at 7: 00pm organize "U susret rodjendanu". All visitors are expected "Kotorski vremeplov" , we'll be back in time with stories, songs, delicacies and unique Kotor paste. The musical part will take care Djurdja and Neno. Come and celebrate together!


Uskrsnja trpeza (03.04.2018. from 7:00pm)

uskrsnja trpezaSC Kamelija, at Thursday. 03.04.2018. is going to organize "Uskrsnja trpeza" from 7:00pm. at caffe pizzeria Sapori.
All visitors will be able to enjoy the Easter table, music and stories about the tradition that these holidays kept. Happy holidays and welcome!


Humanitarna tombola (31.03.2018. from 6:30pm)

humanitana _tombolaSC Kamelija & Sjore od Mota on 31st March are going to organize an event " Humanitarna tombola" at caffe pizzeria Sapori. Event is starting at 6:30 pm with good music and intresting awards.All cash incame will be proceed for Hospital in Kotor.


Izlozba radova od cvijeta kamelije (23.03. - from 7:00pm)

izlozba radova_23032018NGO Kamelija, Stoliv & SC Kamelija at 14th March from 7:00pm are going to organize “Izlozba radova od cvijeta kamelije” at caffe pizzeria Sapori. Enjoy in beautuful ambient of fair of handmade works from the flowers of camellia, tasting of coastal delights and our well known Boka Bend.



Osmomartovska bajka u Kameliji (08.03.2018. from 10:00am to 9:00pm)

Osomartovska bajka_u_KamelijiSC Kamelija on the occasion of Women’s Day is going to organize “Osmomartovsku bajku u Kameliji”. Experience the spirit of medieval Kotor trought an interactive exibition from 10:00am to 7:00pm. And from 7:00pm for all ladies we prepare gifts and special surprises.


Vece maskara u Kameliji (21.02.2018. from 7:00pm)

Vece maskara_u_KamelijiShopping Centre Kamelija inn cooperation with TO Kotor is going to organize "Vece maskara"at wednesday, 21th February. Welcome to the exhibition, fashion show, snacks and many more surprises. Be creative and join the party in your favorite Shopping Centre.


Ljubav je kada sa nekim kliknes (14.02.2018 from 10:00am)

Ljubaj je_kada_sa_nekim_kliknesShopping centre Kamelija at 14th February from 10:00 am is going to organize " Ljubav je kada sa nekim kliknes" for the Valentine's day.

At firt floor expects you fairy of wine and chocolate. Sign up for the contest and the most creative couple is expected trip to Venecija-Verona-Milano. For the good atmosphere will care ACCOUSTIC DUO INNDUENDO.


Veliki djeciji maskenbal (03.02.2018. from 10:00am)

Veliki djeciji_maskenbalShopping centre Kamelija, at saturday 03.February is going to organize “Veliki djeciji maskenbal” from 10:00am. at second floor.
We are waiting for you along with friends Princess, Spider- Man & Clown spend an unfogettable afternoon. Also, we prepared gifts of surprises for the youngest.





U prodavnicama Fashion&Friends počeli su SEZONSKI POPUSTI DO 60% na kolekciju jesen/zima 2017. godine. Očekujemo vas u našim prodavnicama u KAMELIJA SC.


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