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Usually I go to SC Kamelija to:


Pupa Day & Cosmetics Market

On Saturday in the Shopping Centre Kamelija, in organization of Cosmetics Market, there was held “Pupa Day”, and all the ladies had a chance to get makeup and some useful pieces of advice from professional make-up artists, and there were also some presents of surprise. Music was played by DJ-MUNJA, and the party lasted until the late evening hours.

Photos taken at this event can be seen in the Gallery.


19.06.2010 year - Shopping Night

On Saturday, in the Shopping Centre Kamelija, there was held a shopping night. Shopping fever gathered a lot of visitors, and discounts going from 10 to 70 percent were a delight for both the shoppers and non-shoppers. Another good thing about this day were the promo cocktails and the salsa party in the Boomerang restaurant on the second floor of the Shopping Centre. For all those who like tranquility, there was a Soleil restaurant, where you could hear sounds of acoustic guitar played on the balcony overlooking the bay. All the food lovers had a chance to try all the specialties made by Sapori pizzeria.

Good party followed by of salsa and acoustic guitar sounds, continued until late night hours.

Photos taken at this event can be seen in the Gallery.


Announcement: 19.06. Shopping Night


19.06. Shopping Night
20.00h - 01.00h / Promo Coctails & Salsa Party, Shopping & Football World Cup...
Presents + discounts surprises...
Reason for a god time...


“Radost” Kindergarten - Kotor


In the Shopping Center Kamelija, the youngest visitors and their parents had a chance to see the plays named “Kako spasiti drvo” (“How to Save the Tree”) and “Škaljarsko i dobrotsko kolo” (“Country-dance of Škaljari and Dobrota”), which was performed by the young ones from the “Radost” Kindergarten, Kotor.

Photos taken at this event can be seen in the Gallery.


Download ACTIVITIES PROGRAM - june 2010. (PDF document)



Filip Selva’s Visit to Kamelija


Filip Selva, a famous designer and the owner of Italian “Selva“ company – a famous manufacturer of furniture, visited the Shopping Centre Kamelija. In the exclusive interview for the networks IN and RTCG (Radio-Television of Montenegro), he talked about his business ambitions, about his key of success, and about his famous clients such as Michael Obama, Dmitry Medvedev, Roman Abramovich and Yasser Arafat. His company does business all over the world, and it worked for the biggest hotel chains such as “Hyatt”, “Sheraton”, “Hilton”, “Meriot”, “Meridian” and “Kempinski”.

Photos taken at this event can be seen in the  'Read more''.

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Announcement: "The Faces" - Organization for Stage and Media Appearance of Kotor

On Saturday, 29.05., starting at 18.00h in the premises of the Shopping Centre Kamelija, performs “The Faces”, which a band of young talents from Kotor. Visitors will have the opportunity attend the show of little models, dance choreography and singing, imitation, skits and the like. Dear children, we are inviting you and your parents to this joyous gathering with music, dance and "The Faces" band. Welcome!

Photos taken at this event can be seen in the Gallery


Days of Kotor’s Zest “Cousine of Boka”

In the premises of the Shopping Centre Kamelija, on Wednesday 05.26., at 20:00h, there will be held the manifestation named Days of Kotor’s Zest “Cousine of Boka”. We are inviting you to join us in music, cuisine, jokes and nobility of Kotor. Preparation of the traditional meals of Boka will be carried out by the groups Karampana, Ćakulona, Šotolumbrelini, Kamelija and Škaljarice.

/ Photos taken at this manifestation can be seen in the Gallery /

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NGO “Magic”, a School for Talents, Stage and Media Appearances

NGO “Magic” – a school for talents, held its performance last night in the premises of the Shopping Center Kamelija, and made all the little ones and their parents spend their unforgettable time enjoying singing and dancing.

Photos taken at the performance of the NGO “Magic” can be seen in Gallery.


Announcement: NGO “Magic” - school for talents, stage and media appearances

Dear children, we are inviting you to a happy gathering accompanied by singing and dancing with the “Magic” group, tomorrow, on 23.05.2010 year at 18.00 h in the Shopping Centre Kamelija.


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